Innaugration of Diamond Section

Diamond Section Innaugration Innaugration of Bindu Jewellery Diamond section by Film Actor Mr.Roshan. Renewed Diamond has Kisna diamonds and other diamond collections. These includes rings and necklaces from Kisna Diamonds and own jewellery collections.Ring includes variety of models and stylish necklace models studded with diamonds. Diamond jewellery design ideas of modern ornaments using stylish and trendy designs. The Jewellery Designs are separated into Pendant Designs, Necklace Designs, Earring Designs, Ring Designs and Bangle Designs. .

Traditional Designs

Traditional ornaments continue to influence even present gold designs and patterns of Kerala Jewelleries. Kasu Mala (Kaasumala), Palakka Mala, Nagapada Thali, Karimani Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Manga Mala, Cheruthali (Thalikoottam), Addiyal, Kashali, Poothali, Jhimki etc. remain an evergreen influence.Every household boasts of owning at least one of them. Even though it comprises only about 5% in case of the daily gold business, traditional gold ornaments remain a main asset of Kerala families.

Foreign and domestic tourists buy gold from Kerala. They are attracted by the variety of special traditional designs, mostly Kasu Mala, Palakka and Jhimki which are very popular among gold lovers around the globe.

Bindu Jewellery Diamond Section

Diamond Section Diamond jewelry has become a part of daily wear for the upper middle class of Kerala. Diamonds are being adventurously matched with metals like white gold and platinum for a chic, contemporary look. There are ever-favorite baguettes, marquis, classical white diamonds and equally fashionable black, blue and brown diamonds. The weight of diamond is in terms of Carat (1 Diamond Carat = 200 Milligrams of Diamond). The 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Caratage .